During your stay it will be possible to discover Morocco’s wonders with your family or your friends. Various excursions are suggested, those excursions include: a day trip to Marrakesh, Essaouira or Taroudant, the discovery of the Souks of Agadir or a visit of the city of Agadir, but also the waterfalls of Imouzzer, “La perle du Souss” or Fantasia. All these excursions are adapted and accessible.

Moreover, your two Personal Assistants will accompany you, in order for you to have the best quality time with your family, partner and/or friends, without having to worry about the accessibility and the help you would need.

If you simply want to enjoy the swimming pool and the Moroccan sun, the personal assistants are there to help you in a subtle and discreet way.
Because entering a swimming pool is not always easy for disabled people, the personal assistants are there to help you going in and out the swimming pool when you want and as many times as you want.

The beach is also one of those places that are not very accessible for wheelchair users.  But thanks to the beach wheelchair that will be at your disposal, it will be much easier and fun to access the beach and to wander over the beach with your family. Once again, the personal assistants will be there, only if you want to, to push you on the beach.

“I’m Freee!!” offers various activities for disabled people who want to experience and discover something new. These activities include: jet ski, quad, tennis, dromedary ride, dance, body board and buggy.
All these activities are of course adapted and accessible for wheelchair users. We will be able to offer paragliding, skydiving, water-ski, diving and many more in a near future.

Thanks to the help of your P.A.'s you will be able to enjoy all the activities that are offered.

"I'm Freee!!" Traveling will make sure that everything is provided and taken care of so that you can enjoy your holiday in total freedom of mind.

Other destinations will soon follow.. Stay tuned