Welcome to "I'm Freee!!" Traveling


What seems logical for a large part of the population, is different for persons with a disability. Traveling, for instance, is a perfect example.
"I'm Freee!!" Traveling wants to offer you a solution!

"I'm Freee!!" Traveling wants to motivate people with a disability to  go and see the world again - alone, with friends or together with family - with peace of mind.
That's why "I'm Freee!!" Traveling creates travel destinations that are 200% suitable for people with physical disabilities like yourself.

In collaboration with travel organisaitions and agencies, "I'm Freee!!" Traveling creates dream destinations where people with disabilities can really enjoy a full vacation without unpleasant surprises or obstacles.

"I'm Freee!!" Traveling wants to make the world a better place for people facing a disability and therefore are aware of the uncertainty each time they want to go on holiday.