Become partner

Our project has been founded as a non profit organisation

In order to gather funding, we will organise charity events.

In order for "I'm Freee!!" Traveling  to function properly, we are looking for partners, investors, sponsors, subsidising etc..

This support will among others be sought in politics and famous (national and international) personalities that are willing to be godmother or godfather of a travel destination.

The means that will be given at our disposal will be used to pay the assistants partly so it doesn't become too expensive for the disabled traveler.
But also for the purchase of tools like beachwheelchairs, elevators for swimming pools, sportwheelchairs and specialised equipment for the many sports ...

And of course for the functioning of the organisation itself, in other words the overheadcosts.

For more information, please feel free to contact us. We will send you our partnership dossier with pleasure.

Our current partners.