"I'm Freee!!" Traveling,  non-profit organisation, reaches out to wheelchair users.

We offer travel destinations where you won't feel any restrictions.
On the one hand, we will make sure that the accommodation and infrastructure at these destinations are adapted and accessible.
On the other hand we will provide personal assistance throughout the whole day.


Our personal assistance is the key in the concept of "I'm Freee!!" Traveling.
The people we work with are always originate from the region of the travel destination.
These Personal Assistants (P.A.'s) are specially trained to assist you in a subtle and discreet way only when it is needed.

The P.A.'s can assist you among other things for the following:

  •  in and out of the bus
  •  in and out of the swimming pool
  •  to the beach
  •  into the sea
  •  steps
  •  steep slopes
  •  carrying your personal belongings
  •  ......

And since they are from the region, they can also help you (in a limited way) as translator and guide.

We want to make sure that these destinations are free of all restrictions that people with a disability may encounter.
And this is where we make the difference with other travel organisations for persons with a disability.
Our project wants to help you as a person with a disability to really relax and forget your daily physical and psychological problems.

"I'm Freee!!" Traveling will make sure that, during your holiday, you will be literally and figuratively freed from your disability.
So you can at last take some time off from your wheelchair!


The holidays need to be a time of relaxation and rest for everyone.  Since the family of disabled people often have to help them throughout the whole year, we want to make it possible that the families can enjoy their holiday as well at the fullest!
Therefore, personal assistance is also essential for disabled people traveling with their family. Our Personal Assistants will take over the job and provide the necessary help. This way you can, as a family, enjoy your dreamdestination to the full extent!