Xavier Dujardin

As a passionate traveller and adventurer, I'm very proud and happy to have met Olaf Cornelis early summer 2013 in Morocco,more specifically in Agadir.

Immediately attracted by the drive  he carries within - making people forget he is in a wheelchair - and by his commitment, his smiling and shiny appearance, I accepted with honour to be the godfather of the association "I'm Freee!!" Traveling.
It would be very beneficial if this can incite in Belgium or Morocco an additional focus on the need for such a project.

I have worked regularly in Morocco for the channel 2M as an actor in a successful series ("Rhimou") and it gave me a lot of emotions that I still feel now.
It's a great idea that Morocco opens the first door to travel without borders thanks to generous and smart partners.

I'm committed to the project and will support and follow Olaf all the way, if this is useful to the association.

Freedom has always been one of the most essential values to mankind.
Let's fly together to a sky without clouds for a dream holiday for all.

Kind regards,